Digital Marketing Analytics

“The greatest challenge in digital marketing is figuring out how efficient it is.”

The essence of digital marketing, analytics is properly interpreting customer behavior and Turing it into actionable business data. Digital marketing analytics helps in understanding where the potential buyers interact and explore new possibilities from existing campaigns that help in increasing new revenue opportunities.

Only web analytics is not enough to analyze how the existing campaigns are performing and what is the effectiveness of it’s though out the entire marketing and sales loop. Current marketing strategies go beyond the boundaries of your website such as market channel interactions, insights, outcomes, etc. but they only provide fundamental data to assist you in this loop. On the other hand, our digital marketing analytics service will help you in getting information like lead generation sources, traffic driven sources, sales and helps you understand the ground reality if the leads generated from a source is your next potential buyer.

Our team at PRONIX helps you get data not only from your site but also from various sources such as social media, search, email and other sources through which the marketing campaign is being driven. This will help in determining the effectiveness of the whole marketing campaign rather than just giving insights into the site. Digital Marketing analytics helps in clearly analyzing the performance and each and every part of the marketing campaign whether it is email marketing, ads through social media, spreading through blogs and many more. This helps in understanding which campaign is more successful by helping you grow your clientele and gives you a clear path on deciding your next marketing strategy.

There is a lot of time and energy involved to derive the outcomes of your marketing the campaign just using web analytics. We assure opting for our Digital Marketing services definitely gives a clear idea of how effective your digital marketing is performing.

We guide you with our key principles of digital marketing analytics

  • We help to analyze the existing relationship between multiple marketing channels that exist,
  • We provide data of your buyer journey starting from finding the site to conversion
  • We provide detail data on the revenue generated from multiple marketing channels and their performance.

This not only saves your investment in the wrong campaign but also helps in properly channelizing the funds for more profitable outcomes.