IT Consulting and Staffing

What we do Expertise IT Consulting and Staffing

In PRONIX, an IT consultant involves helping to use technology to solve a technical problem. As an IT consultant can be internal or external and can be brought in at all stages from – “something doesn't work the way we want” to “we want to implement an “x” solution in this specific way”. Both the ways, an IT consulting needs to understand the current state of the firm, desired end stand, the stakeholders involved, and how technology can help facilitate that transition i.e., a feasible solution for each problem. Our, PRONIX IT consultant understands that there are constraints that must be taken care of like cost, scope (quality/features), and schedule (time).

Most of the time it is something in the middle - the client has a general idea of what they are looking for the application but not a clear sense of what technology or what type of process are needs to be used.  In this case, the IT consultant must go through a few steps like identifying suitable technologies for both the application and the firm. One important point is to guide a series of questions with the client to understand what are the problems and what constraints and what are the resources (people, process, technology) that are available to solve the problem that clients are facing. Our IT consultants operate both independently (subject matter experts), as well as part of teams that may include designers, business or functional people, and others.  They can also operate as part of teams through organizations.

Our IT Staffing teams, conduct the hiring of employees to the organization that provides a quality employee, skilled staff, to the client and helps them in achieving business objectives. IT Staffing is an efficient way to get highly qualified, specialized personnel at a substantially low cost. PRONIX IT Consulting and Staffing teams are thriving hard to provide to clients the Productive, Experience and Expertise employees along with to save the cost and time of clients.  

"At a high level, it's about a company bringing in outside talent i.e., consulting to help with some initiative." -Boon Koh