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What we do Expertise Tech Support Services

To help the enterprises in providing customer-centric support services and sustenance of a product or application for the end-user.

In today’s competitive business world, customers are expecting fully customer-focused services and solutions. Providing world-class services to the customers while mounting operation costs has become a challenge in this speedily changing technology.

PRONIX is offering Technical support services for Applications, Product, End-User/Desktop Support and Infrastructure support services in EST, CST, PST, MST Timezones to match with customer timezone.

We provide 24/7, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days year-round Tech support Services for the below Support Levels: 
L1: It is the initial level of maintenance provided by the user help desk. They help to screen the issues and assign them to the appropriate party/owner.
L2: It deals with support tickets that can be resolved by doing basic configuration in the application/infrastructure/product or suggesting workarounds.
L3: It deals with tickets requiring deep down analysis and troubleshooting and possible code changes.
L4: It deals with tickets related to the product/application, which might require help from the product vendor/application development team/infrastructure in terms of raising support tickets or hotfix or a patch release.

We offer three types of options for structuring SLA: Service-based, Customer-based, and Multi-level or Hierarchical SLAs. PRONIX provides the most advanced technical support services enabling enterprises to offer superior quality services while minimizing the costs. Whether you are searching for a reliable technical support team for software products or technical products, you can rely on us. Our team of software experts holds more than a decade of experience working with major technology platforms and can solve any issue instantly. Our professionals implement speedy troubleshooting methodologies to provide customers with the edge to perform better and elevate customer satisfaction.

With the ascendable, technology-empowered technical support services, we enable you to use the expertise from our skilled team which helps in minimizing the enterprise operational costs and reduces the risks as well. Outsourcing technical support might be an expensive task but not with PRONIX. Our in-house team interacts with your team to clearly understand your products and services and analyze your technical support needs and requirements.

Our experts will closely work with your customer teams to deliver easy resolutions for the issue of any complexity. Based on your technical support requirements, we will build a strong, dedicated team of experts and provide extensive internal training programs on your proprietary systems, policies, processes, and objectives.

We understand that your end customer is critical for your business. Hence, PRONIX technical support teams maintain, support and enhance your offerings to augment the end-user experience. Our stringent quality monitoring process and optimization models enable us to establish result-driven strategies that support business objectives and ensure predictable service levels. 

Email us at to partner with PRONIX for your Technical Support needs to achieve business goals within your budget and schedule to improve end-user experience.