Oracle Corporation is the fast-growing and widely sells database software technology, cloud-engineering systems, enterprise software products and mainly its own brands of database management systems. According to ongoing revenue, Oracle is the 3rd largest software company.


The Oracle Customer Experience (CX) system is easily understandable with a little guidance. These solutions can be deployed on their own or used modular. They include Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Social Cloud, and many more clouds. It mainly helps users to manage their sales activities, sales force automation, policy management, field service management, etc.,


In all the Oracle services or software’s, Oracle Database plays a key role as its new release Oracle Database 12c has many features likable to do cross Oracle PDB queries (PDB – Pluggable Database), standby DB, using tablespace can do subset PDB’s, supports for flashback options, supports for new In-Memory solutions. Other services like Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search. Oracle also provides services in a suite of business applications like Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Retail Suite, Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring (SEM) System, Oracle Enterprise Manager. Oracle Corporation also Designs, Develops and Supports 2 operating systems i.e., Oracle Solaris & Oracle Linux.


Oracle has also stepped into designing a Development Software’s which are used for developing applications. Development software’s like Oracle Designer, Oracle developer, NetBeans, Oracle Application Express which is also known as APEX, Oracle SQL Developer which is an integrated development environment for working with SQL-based databases, Oracle Java development kit.


In a single word, Oracle is the one-stop solution for your entire cloud business. We offer you the lead of working with a single, strategic provider, superior ownership experience, optimize your business operations with new innovations with each release, gain more business value for your existing applications and the main point is security which is are assured with security firewalls, virus protection software’s and also provides flexibility, reliability of software’s that are used for developing of applications.