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Watch Now - Accelerating Digital Transformation with Modernized Applications

Nov 17, 2022

Watch On-Demand Webinar Series, Accelerate Digital Transformation with Modernized Applications. The webinar reverts on Modernized Applications defined by the digital services built to better serve their customers, markets, and workforce.
During this virtual event, our digital leaders hosts and moderates the event with what are the new innovation strategies to build new products and solutions targeted at key customer needs in modern applications, cloud, and edge that enable them to build and accelerate their digital businesses.
To those wondering what modernized applications is; it is nothing but a way to improve the productivity and efficiency of businesses using the latest technologies and software to speed up the workflow process, reduce errors, and provide a better customer experience, thereby reducing the need for manual work. 
The webinar will be covering the following points: 
  • The Role of Modernized Applications in Digital Transformation
  • Accelerating the Transition to a Modernized Application Environment
  • Six Steps for Successful Application Modernization
  • How Modernization Provides Immediate Benefits
  • Accelerate Your Modernization journey with Pronix
To demonstrate this, Pronix Inc has hosted a webinar on how to accelerate digital transformation with modernized applications. And with two of our digital IT customers – Salesforce and IBM to bring you some guiding principles in detail the webinar; scheduled on 11th March 2022, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (EST).
Register now and take advantage of this great opportunity to learn how to accelerate digital transformation with modernized applications.

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