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22 April, 2022

IT Staffing Consulting

The IT talent shortage is a top challenge for many industries, primarily due to accelerated technological innovation and the demand to embrace digital transformation. On top of that, COVID-19 has already forced companies in New Jersey as well as all through the United States to fast-track digital adoption and make permanent technology-driven changes in their service delivery.

In the healthcare industry, the IT skills gap is even more acute according to the IT Staffing and Recruiting Experts at Pronix Inc.

Healthcare CEOs, CIOs, and CFOs know that upgrading and maintaining their IT infrastructure is a challenge. It’s difficult to fill open IT positions in a reasonable amount of time. Second, the healthcare industry is the worst-hit sector for data breaches. To this end, research shows over 35% of healthcare IT decision-makers have said their organization is at risk of security threats. 

What can your healthcare organization in New Jersey do to combat the impending IT skills gap?

Let’s look at some creative IT staffing approaches you can leverage to find and attract talented IT professionals to your health organization.


Looking for New IT Talent for your Healthcare Organization?


Tech leaders in most successful health enterprises know that the secret to overcoming the IT resource challenge is leveraging qualified personnel from reliable recruiting and staffing agencies.

The healthcare organizations that partner with these agencies can access vetted IT professionals quickly to accelerate their digital transformation, forging ahead of the competition. Over time, this model helps save your organization both time and money. 

If you’re looking for qualified IT talent, the PRONIX IT Talent Acquisition and Staffing Services will help you get highly talented and productive IT personnel to provide technology value for your organization. 

Over the years, we have established deep technical health IT expertise and a comprehensive database of skilled IT professionals in different capacities, including permanent and part-time IT positions


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The PRONIX IT Talent Acquisition and Staffing specialists draw from our extensive database of skilled, proactively screened candidates to successfully place IT professionals in contract, contract-to-hire, permanent IT positions.

PRONIX IT Staffing Services leave you free to drive sales and provide a high level of service to y our customers by outsourcing the recruiting and staffing of your vacant IT positions.


Pronix Finds Top Talent in the Following Areas:


  • Project Management(PMO), Agile Coaching and Scrum Masters
  • Enterprise/Solution/Application/Data/Infrastructure/Security Architecture
  • Business Analysis, User Experience Design(UX) and UI Development
  • Fullstack Application Development, Application Modernization, API Management
  • Cloud Engineering, Mobility Solutions
  • QA Testing, Testing Automation and DevOps
  • SAP ERP, Oracle EBS and Microsoft Solutions
  • Salesforce Development and Implementations
  • Data Engineering, Data Integration, ETL, Data Warehousing, Data Lake
  • Business Intelligence/Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning
  • Infrastructure Solutoon Engineers, Network Administration, Systems Administration and Database Administration
  • Application Support, Desktop/Enduser Support,  IT Help Desk Support(L1/L2/L3), BPO
  • Cybersecurity and IT Security





Temporary and Full Time IT Staffing for Your Hospital or Medical Center


Hiring IT staff is an important decision and investment that improves your workflow efficiency and brings value to your organization.

Full-time IT staff come in handy because they understand firsthand the overview of your company’s inner technology needs and infrastructure flow. Blending that by hiring part-time IT staff is an ideal choice that expands your IT talent pool while lowering your operational costs. 

But let’s face it. Hiring full-time IT talent is complex, tedious, and time-consuming.

Our recommendation for when you want to hire either full-time or temporary staff is to reach out to qualified IT recruiting consultants with the experience to acquire the highest caliber of IT talent.

Relying on IT recruiting consultants provides a practical and less time-consuming way to beat the healthcare IT talent challenge.


They have databases of qualified candidates and use creative AI techniques to filter the perfect match for your company. IT recruitment consultants are also beneficial because they make it their business to keep abreast of the latest health IT industry trends and developments. This industry knowledge is crucial in the hiring process.

The end game is to quickly provide you with qualified candidates eager to work in your organization for the long haul.


Hiring Offshore IT Staff


An offshore staff refers to a team of IT professionals who work for your company but are based in a different country/continent.

By hiring offshore IT teams, successful healthcare execs have set the pace for delivering better patient experiences and streamlined operations in a highly demanding technology-based workspace.

When done right, having an offshore IT team that understands and respects your organizational values and culture helps you expand your organization’s IT capability.




Benefits of Hiring an Offshore IT team


  • Access to vast IT talent pools 
  • Access to diverse knowledge and skills to improve your health processes and workflows 
  • Round-the-clock service delivery, even amid a local crisis
  • Significantly minimize overhead costs and get work done at a much lower cost


It’s essential to critically consider looking through the offshoring work model before leveraging it in your operations. 

We recommended the following tips: 


  • Discuss your organization's purpose and objectives in offshoring - your preferred outcomes, metrics, scope, limitations, and KPIs 
  • Search for your desired IT offshoring destination
  • Choose an IT team that will provide the best service delivery and value for your organization 
  • Check the quality of the potential IT partner’s service delivery by reviewing previous client testimonials and the available pricing options
  • Check Service-level agreements (SLAs) 


If you’re seeking a dedicated offshore team for your healthcare organization, Pronix Staffing Specialits in New Jersey can help you find and hire talented IT professionals that can serve your health IT needs.



Hiring Top IT talent


Finding and hiring top IT talent in any industry, including healthcare, is no walk in the park. It’s time-consuming and loaded with barriers.

The issue here is that you may not have the luxury of holding long recruiting processes. Why? There exists fierce competition, and top IT talent gets quickly picked off the market.

The million-dollar question to ask yourself is, “How are the best brands in healthcare hiring top talent?” From our experience, we recommend the following critical essentials to help find top IT talent for your organization. 


  • Start by analyzing which IT needs, skills, qualifications, and values will make a prospective candidate suitable for your organization.
  • Look for candidates that have critical thinking skills, possess effective communication, and are emotionally intelligent. 
  • Focus on diversity so you can expand your talent pool. 
  • Build and enhance your organization’s workforce strategy to treat your employees and prospective candidates with respect. 
  • Optimize and improve your hiring process by partnering with IT recruiting consultants that can quickly help you find top IT performers.



Hiring Outsourced Software Developers for Healthcare


The digital transformation revolution has enabled health organizations to deliver services to patients even from a distance. An increasing number of healthcare applications and wearables that can transfer, log, or analyze health data have created a massive market in the industry.

It is true that the healthcare industry will continue to witness changes and demand in efficient interoperability, regulatory compliance, and end-user technology.

Leading healthcare organizations will achieve this through teams of outsourced software developers who create user-friendly health-based applications to enable quick delivery service access for patients anywhere, at any time.

Healthcare IT outsourcing is a progressively emerging business model gaining significant success. So much so that the global market size for healthcare IT outsourcing is projected to reach $64 billion by 2027 (iHealthcareAnalyst).

Leveraging outsourced software developers for your health organization is a smart move that will help you gain the following benefits: 


  • Gain access to world-class developer IT talent & capabilities quickly 
  • Significantly reduce application development time 
  • Minimize application development operating costs
  • Access to advanced cutting-edge tools and resources
  • Freeing up internal resources and time to focus on core business 
  • Full-proof application security 
  • Technology enablement, application development, agility, scalability, innovation, and much more


To be at the forefront of leveraging success for healthcare business success, it’s crucial to consider the availability of several IT outsourcing options for your organization, including software development.


Considerations for Outsourced Software Development


If you’re looking for the services of a suitable outsourcing development company, here are a bunch of tips: 

  • Choose a software development partner who seeks first to understand your health business objectives and goals, performs user analysis and effective UI/UX design, and practices agile development best practices to deliver your application on time without cost overruns. 
  • Define your software development services and performance levels.  That means articulating your software development tasks before handing them over to any outsourced dev team. Consider seeking expert IT consultations, if need be, to get more chances to get a development partner who can effectively handle the job. 
  • Choose a reliable partner with healthcare IT experience in outsourcing. Software development healthcare is precise and requires specific regulatory compliance, which is why it’s mission-critical to have your prospective partner experienced in numerous application development practices  
  • Select an outsourcing partner you can trust. We advise health care leaders to look for trustworthy companies that have experience with certain service quality guarantees.


Reach Out to Pronix IT Staffing and Recruitment for More Information


PRONIX IT Staffing service is an efficient way to get highly qualified, specialized personnel. Within this model can be significant savings for you! The IT professionals that we source for our clients are vetted and must prove their worth to us, long before we propose that they work with your organization. This process ensures that you get productive, experienced IT specialists that will provide value to you.

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