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07 October, 2022


SAP is the Premier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution for Businesses in USA


The software integrates information from modules that support various business functions, such as sales, financial accounting, planning, etc., and gives managers a unified view of enterprise-wide resources. This powerful software allows managers to make decisions that are based on objective data.

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Some of the commonly implemented SAP modules are:


  • Financial Accounting (FI): assists with the management of financial data.
  • Controlling (CO): assists with planning, reporting, and operation.
  • Sales and Distribution (SD): assists with inventory control, pricing, and quotations.
  • Materials Management (MM): assists with inventory management for business operations.
  • Production Planning (PP): assists with production planning and management.
  • Quality Management (QM): assists with quality control and regulatory compliance.
  • Plant Maintenance (PM): assists with inspections, repairs, and preventive activities.
  • Customer Services (CS): assists with warranties, repair orders, etc.
  • Project System (PS): assists with project and portfolio management.
  • Human Capital Management (HCM): assists with automation of HR-related processes such as payroll.


Benefits of SAP Application Management


One of the major benefits of SAP is that it is also highly customizable. The customization can be performed by highly skilled professionals known as SAP developers.

SAP is very powerful. But it is also a complex system that requires management of not only the software but also the hardware and network that are required to support the deployment.

When businesses choose to deploy SAP, they have two options: deploy an on-premise solution or a cloud-based solution. The customization and support can be handled by in-house teams or can be outsourced.


Why Outsource to Pronix SAP Services?


Some of the main reasons why you should outsource any SAP services to Pronix Digital Application Specialists are as follows:

  • Efficiency: offloading workload to someone else enables businesses to focus on their core capabilities.
  • Expertise: at times, it is difficult to find resources with the required depth and breadth of experience. Training in-house resources can be expensive and time-consuming and is no substitute for experience. In such situations, it is convenient, cost-effective, and less risky to opt for external experts who possess the required experience and can hit the ground running.
  • Lower cost:
    • HR: as outsourcing can be done on an as-needed basis, outsourcing is often less expensive compared to maintaining in-house resources.
    • Infrastructure: hosted solutions are less expensive as the capital expenditure (CAPEX), and hardware upgrade costs are avoided.
    • Support: service providers with expertise in support services can leverage their experience to resolve issues faster, leading to higher system availability and productivity and minimization of expense/loss caused by system outages.
  • Faster Deployment: going for a hosted solution and hiring external consultants enables fast and efficient deployment compared to developing in-house infrastructure and teams.
  • Flexibility: businesses can select from multiple outsourcing models and options.

Simplify Your SAP Run Environment With Better Business Outcomes


The Next Generation of SAP Applications Management Services and Continuous Business Operations for SAP AMS.
For over 10 years, Pronix SAP Application Management services have been helping businesses across the global wide to succeed by expertly managing Enterprise Applications on their behalf.
The main reason to hire the SAP experts at Pronix is to reduce the cost and complexity of SAP Application Management and to boost business performance.
Pronix SAP Application Management Service Provider in USA helps companies strengthen their competitive position by reducing the cost of ownership while improving business performance.
Our deep industry and technical expertise in SAP applications and efficient global delivery capabilities combine to bring businesses an SLA-based model that consolidates proven methodologies and best practices to enable continuous quality improvement of services at optimum costs.
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Outsourcing Models


Based on their needs, businesses can select from different outsourcing models:

  • Staff augmentation: the business maintains full control and only gets outsourced support for ad-hoc requirements resulting from periods of increased workloads such as those experienced during upgrades and migrations.
  • Co-sourcing: the business and outsourcing partner share responsibility for SAP services and support.
  • Managed services: support is fully outsourced to Pronix IT outsourcing services and guaranteed through service level agreements (SLA).


Service Provider Selection Criteria


Several important criteria should be considered when selecting an outsourcing partner.


The most important criterion for selecting a service provider is expertise. Whether you are looking to outsource infrastructure, development, technical support, or any other service, the service provider with the best reputation, the best team, and the best experience will likely deliver the desired level of service.


Expertise isn’t enough. The service provider also needs to align with the needs of the business. This means understanding the business needs, the inter-departmental transactions, and the culture.


Certifications are evidence of knowledge and training. SAP also offers associate, specialist, and professional level certifications for its products. Service providers that have team members with appropriate and up-to-date certifications will be able to offer a higher level of service.


The needs of a business evolve over time.  A business that is looking to deploy some SAP modules today might need to deploy different SAP modules in the near future. Or a business that today requires help with SAP deployment might require support services in the near future. Therefore, it is advisable to work with a service provider that can not only satisfy current needs but can also satisfy the future needs of a growing business.


A Little About Pronix IT Outsourcing Solutions USA


Pronix IT Outsourcing Solutions in USA provides local enterprise clients with outsourcing solutions such as Agile Transformations, Product Engineering, Custom Application Development, Application Modernization, Application Management, and Cloud Managment Services.


Our philosophy and deep technical expertise allow us to provide services that deliver measurable and verifiable business benefits to our clients. Pronix UI/UX Design and Application Services are intentionally agile and are made available within either a fixed-price project SOW, Managed IT Services model or a Time and Materials (T&M) based project contract pricing model with onsite, offshore and hybrid service delivery.


Our success at Pronix Inc is only found in helping our clients pursue their business goals. So, reach out to Pronix Technical IT Outsourcing Services for all future growth needs! We use this knowledge to innovate solutions that improve your operations.



Some benefits of partnering with Pronix IT Digital Solutions in USA would be:


  • Helping You Innovate Tomorrow's Growth
  • Providing You with Secure, Dependable Applications
  • Application Modernization
  • Increasing Your Mobility
  • Providing Analytics for Your Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Freeing You from Infrastructure Management
  • Driving Greater Efficiencies for Your Workflow


We’re happy to play a small part in keeping your employees secure while doing business online and away from the office while at the time helping you to innovate your way to greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


Our expertise has been passed on to varying industries United States, as well as to the rest of the United States, including healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain, banking financial services and investing, telecom and media, hospitality, digital commerce, education, and fast-moving consumer goods.


Below is a list of our high-end technical services that we may be able to help you with including UI / UX Design, Application, IT Consulting, Quality Assurance and DevOps Implementation, and talent solutions for businesses in USA.




SAP is a very powerful software system that touches all parts of a business. It is customizable and can be optimized to the needs of different types of businesses.

Outsourcing SAP application management offers numerous benefits, including lower cost, lower risk, and improved business performance.

In addition to a lower total cost of ownership, the flexibility offered by outsourcing is one of its most attractive benefits. Depending on business needs, organizations can opt for different outsourcing models and outsourcing options.

All types of businesses (whether large or small and operating in any market) can benefit from the short-term and long-term benefits of outsourced SAP application management


Outsourcing Options


Various options are available for businesses looking to outsource SAP application management:

  • Application hosting: SAP applications can be hosted in the data centers of the hosting service provider. Services include hardware support, backup, and recovery, and disaster recovery. Benefits include rapid commissioning of systems, elimination of costs associated with hardware upgrades, expert-level support backed up by SLAs, and predictable monthly operational expenditure.
  • Help desk support: service providers can provide round-the-clock help desk support for users. Services include a centralized help desk, multichannel support, and incident management. Benefits include quality support for every user, the ability to handle high call volumes, detailed reporting that provides insights, and proactive incidence management.
  • Functional and technical support: experienced functional consultants provide multi-domain experience, and technical consultants provide multi-platform experience to assist businesses with their automation initiatives. Benefits of outsourcing to experts include elimination of cost savings associated with training of in-house teams and the time savings and efficiency that accrue due to previous experience with multiple deployments performed worldwide.
  • System administration: external teams support the implementation of SAP systems and optimize service levels and availability. Benefits of outsourcing to experts include elimination of cost savings associated with training of in-house teams and the time savings and efficiency that result due to previous experience with multiple deployments performed worldwide.


Pronix Help Desk Support USA


Pronix IT Help Desk Support in USA has round-the-clock help desk coverage for SAP users in your organization. Our technical IT help desk staff continually assesses opportunities for improvement in incident management and call resolution through training programs for help desk staff and business users, and through updates to support tools.

We can help with issues such as Centralized Help Desk, 24x7 coverage, Multichannel support (web, phone, e-mail, chat channels), and Incident management. Through an SLA-based global delivery model, Pronix delivers cost-effective, reliable service with ongoing quality and productivity improvements. Based on your business requirements, we provide the right mix of onsite, nearshore, and offshore resources to meet your business needs.


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