QA and DevOps Automation Solutions for Major Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing Company

Streamlining Quality and Efficiency: QA and DevOps Automation Solutions

Business Problem/Scope of Work

A major electrical and electronics manufacturing company was facing challenges in their testing and deployment processes. All existing testing activities were done manually, which was considered to be costly, time-consuming, and not reliable, leading to a higher chance of risk.
The company also faced issues with test management, as there was no proper system in place to organize and track the progress of testing activities. Additionally, application deployment was also done manually, which added to the already tedious and time-consuming process of testing. In some cases, builds were sent to their production environment without being tested in order to save time.
These challenges resulted in a lack of efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in the company's testing and deployment processes. The company realized that they needed a solution that would automate their testing and deployment processes, and provide them with a more efficient and reliable way to manage, track, and deploy their applications.

Business Solutions

The business solution is to convert existing manual test cases into automation test scripts using an automation tool, organize test cases, requirements, and test data using a test management tool, and create CICD pipelines to save deployment time, reduce risk, improve code quality, and provide a smoother path to production. This solution will improve efficiency and effectiveness of testing process and provide a unified view of progress for better collaboration and better quality output.

Technology Solutions

In order to address the need for converting existing manual test cases into automation test scripts, we have implemented a technical solution that utilizes Katalon Studio, Jenkins, TestRail, Pangolin server and Octopus Deploy.
We began by using Katalon Studio, an automation testing software tool, to convert our manual test cases into automation test scripts. Once this was done, we integrated Katalon Studio with Jenkins, which allows Jenkins to automatically execute all of the Katalon test cases against new deployments. This ensures that our test cases are run every time new code is deployed, reducing the risk of errors and improving the quality of our code.
To organize our test cases, test data, and requirements, we are using TestRail, a test management tool. We integrated TestRail with Jenkins and Pangolin server, which allows test results to be automatically uploaded to TestRail after all test executions. This makes it easy for everyone on the team to see the progress that's being made and access all of the test-related information in one centralized location.
In order to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our testing process, we created CICD pipelines using Jenkins. Jenkins is an extendable, open-source continuous integration server that makes build automation easy. We are also using Octopus Deploy, this allows us to securely deploy applications across infrastructure. Together, Jenkins and Octopus Deploy make it easy to automate the deployment process and ensure that code is of high quality.
Overall, this technical solution has helped us to improve the quality of our code, reduce the risk of errors, and streamline the deployment process. It also provides a unified view of the progress being made for everyone on the team, making it easier for them to collaborate and produce better quality output.

Technologies/Skills Used

The technical solution used for this case study includes the following skills and tools:
Continuous Integration Tool: Jenkins
Test Automation Tool: Katalon Studio
Test Command Line Execution: Katalon Runtime Engine
Test Management Tool: TestRail
Result Distribution: Pangolin Server
Web Hook Payload Service: Smee client
Deployment Tool: Octopus Deploy
Source Management: GitHub
Application Platform: Sitecore
These tools and skills are used to convert manual test cases into automation test scripts, integrate test cases with Jenkins, organize test cases, test data, and requirements with TestRail, distribute test results with Pangolin Server, automate deployment with Octopus Deploy, manage source code with GitHub and it is tested on Sitecore platform.

Success Outcomes

The customer outcomes for this case study include:
Accelerated release cycles through the use of CI/CD, which allows for continuous merging of code and repair of detected bugs, resulting in multiple releases to production without compromising quality.
Cost and labor reduction through automation of the build, testing, and deployment process.
Superior quality of code through parallel testing, collaboration, and identification of critical bugs before release.
Increased customer satisfaction through faster turnaround of new features and bug fixes and staying up-to-date with the latest technology.
Increased team transparency and accountability through continuous feedback from both customers and team members.
Faster Mean Time To Resolution through tracking the amount of time spent to recover from a failure, which helps to measure maintainability of repairable features.

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