Modernizing Infrastructure and Applications for Telecommunications Services Company

5.1 Million Residents Served
7 US States
TV, Voice and Internet services
1000+ employees

Business Problem/ Scope of Work

Goal: Enterprise IT Modernization and Transformation
The Client is a rapidly expanding telecommunications company that employs 100% fiber-optic technology. Their expertise lies in delivering fiber-to-the-premises services for TV, voice, and internet that provide some of the highest internet speeds available worldwide. The Client is dedicated to transforming the industry by improving the overall customer experience and optimizing the skills of their esteemed associates.
The telecommunications services company located in Indiana partnered with Pronix as a customer due to their struggle in keeping track and control of their infrastructure and applications. They were facing challenges with risk management practices and needed to upgrade their infrastructure and applications but it was leading to excessive expenditures. The organization realized that in order to improve the quality and compliance of their technology standards, policies, and procedures, they needed to define, design and implement them. Furthermore, it was necessary for the company's executives to gain more visibility into IT performance and maximize efficiency.

Business Solution

Pronix IT Services team was brought in to address the IT issues faced by the organization. The first step taken by Pronix was to evaluate the corporation's current IT capacities and perform a gap analysis. This helped to identify specific projects that needed to be undertaken in order to improve the organization's digital and technological capabilities.
Pronix, through an IT Infrastructure assessment, identified a lack of IT infrastructure and skilled IT personnel as major issues for the corporation. As a solution, Pronix recommended that the organization invest in new IT infrastructure such as servers, workstations, and networking equipment. Furthermore, Pronix suggested investing in IT training for employees to enhance the capabilities of the IT team, and improve the IT infrastructure overall.
Pronix also helped the organization to develop a comprehensive IT strategy, outlining specific goals and objectives for the organization's IT capabilities. This strategy included recommendations for the implementation of new technologies, such as cloud computing and data analytics, as well as suggestions for how the organization could improve its IT security.
Throughout the entire process, Pronix was on hand to provide guidance and support, ensuring that the organization was able to achieve its goals and objectives. The corporation was able to make significant progress in improving its IT capabilities, and was pleased with the results. As a result, the organization was able to improve its overall performance and competitiveness in the market.

Technical Solution

Pronix Digital Modernization Plan
To address the need for digital modernization, Pronix IT Services team proposed a comprehensive approach that included application management services. This approach focused on re-hosting, restructuring and re-engineering existing systems, as well as transitioning to the cloud. The goal of this approach was to enhance the user experience, improve applications and processes, and introduce fresh technology through application management services.
The first step of the solution was to re-host the organization's existing systems onto newer and more robust hardware. This provided the organization with the ability to run its systems on more powerful servers, which in turn improved the performance and scalability of the systems.
Next, Pronix proposed restructuring the organization's systems in order to make them more modular and easier to maintain. This involved breaking down large monolithic systems into smaller, more manageable components. This approach allowed the organization to improve the efficiency and scalability of its systems, while also making them more flexible and adaptable to changing business needs.
Pronix also proposed re-engineering certain parts of the organization's systems to introduce new technology and improve performance. This included introducing new software development frameworks and libraries, as well as incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into the systems.
As part of the solution, Pronix also proposed transitioning the organization's systems to the cloud. This would allow the organization to take advantage of the scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based infrastructure, while also providing it with the ability to access its systems from anywhere with an internet connection.
Pronix also suggested implementing upgrades and standards to the organization's systems, including assessment and utilization of automated testing tools in accordance with DevOps practices. Additionally, Pronix proposed setting coding standards and reviews based on DevOps and new RD technologies. These practices were aimed at ensuring that the organization's systems were robust, reliable, and secure.
Overall, the proposed technical solution would help the organization to modernize its digital systems, improve user experience, and achieve a competitive edge in the market. The proposed solution was comprehensive and covered all the different aspects of digital modernization.

Customer Success Outcomes

Modernizing Infrastructure and Applications for Telecommunications Services Company
Improved Application Performance: Pronix Inc. helped the telecommunications company to modernize its applications, resulting in a significant improvement in the application's performance by 20% improvement in application response time.
Increased Efficiency: The modernization of the infrastructure and applications led to an increase in efficiency in the company's processes by 30% reduction in manual efforts for routine tasks.
Reduced Downtime: Pronix Inc. also helped the company to reduce downtime by improving the infrastructure's reliability and resiliency by 50% reduction in unplanned downtime.
Cost Savings: By modernizing the infrastructure and applications, the company was able to reduce its overall operational costs by 15% reduction in total operational costs.
Improved Customer Satisfaction: With the improved performance, efficiency, and reliability of the infrastructure and applications, the company was able to improve its overall customer satisfaction by 20% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.
In conclusion, The successful collaboration between the telecommunications company and Pronix Inc. resulted in the modernization of the company's infrastructure and applications, which led to a significant improvement in application performance, increased efficiency, reduced downtime, cost savings, and improved customer satisfaction. The quantifiable outcomes clearly demonstrate the success of the project and its impact on the company's operations. As such, the project can be deemed a resounding success and has positioned the company for continued growth and success in the future.

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