Ticket Activation for Major Gaming and Casino Company

Business Problem/ Scope of Work

Currently, only retailers who have IGT Terminals can sell Scratch Tickets. When a Scratch Ticket pack is activated, all the tickets in the pack are ready for sale/ validation. 

Business Solution

With this project IGT shall implement a software solution which will allow retailers to activate Scratch Tickets individually through the Retailer’s own point of sale device at the time the Scratch Tickets are sold.

Technical Solution

The following are the changes done to the lottery solution architecture to implement the new feature

Retailer Services Module: Addition of two new Terminal and Teller Inventory privilege bits to allow In-Lane Transaction.

IPS Module:

Two new pack statuses are added to the Scratch Game Inventory API functions to support inlane transaction.

Also, a new module has been added to support the new Ticket by Ticket Activation concept.

POA/CAP Module: These modules are updated to include proper validation responses when Pack with tickets not in Activated status are attempted to Cash

Reporting Module: The BI/LSP report modules are updated to Include In-Lane transaction transition statues in various Retailer Inventory reports and Promo reports.

API Calls: New API calls are included to allow the following instant transaction via ARC tool:

  1. Instant Inlane Order Confirmation
  2. Instant Inlane Pack Activation
  3. Instant Inlane Ticket Activation

Technologies/ Skills Used

JIRA, X-Ray, D2J Integrator, AEM, HP QTP, ARC Tool Extension from Google, G-Balance, Backup Utility Tool, Clarity, Wiki

Customer Success Outcomes

Provide more clarity towards tracking of lottery instant tickets thereby controlling the fraudulent act and increase lottery ticket sale.