Data Modernization for Major automotive Company

Driving Business Growth with Pronix: A Case Study on Cloud based Data and Technology Modernization for the Automotive Industry

Business Problem/Scope of Work

A major automotive company was facing challenges in their data management and business intelligence operations. Their existing data warehouse and BI systems were outdated and unable to keep up with the growing volume and complexity of their data. This made it difficult for the company to extract valuable insights from their data and make informed decisions.


Additionally, the company was struggling to keep pace with the rapid advancements in technology, such as cloud computing, that could help them optimize their operations and stay competitive in the industry. The company realized that they needed a solution that would modernize their data management and BI systems, and help them take advantage of the latest technologies.


They turned to a Pronix team with expertise in data modernization, modernization of BI, data warehouse, and cloud computing to help them overcome these challenges and improve their business performance.

Business Solutions

In order to address the business problem of outdated data management and BI systems, the service provider employed a detailed business solution that focused on designing scalable patterns and architecture using big data technologies. This approach allowed the company to support both batch and real-time data products and platforms, giving them the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.
To ensure that the data models were designed to support future, unknown use cases with minimal rework, the provider's team of experts were able to show their expertise for data at all levels, including low-latency, relational, and unstructured data stores, analytical and data lakes, and data streaming, data in-transit. This helped the company to future proof their data infrastructure and minimize the need for future rework and maintenance.
The provider also contributed to the direction, road map and standards for functional, process and technical Data solutions, which helped the company to have a clear vision for their data architecture and ensure consistency across projects. Additionally, the provider evaluated and advised on local or domain data architecture solutions for medium to large portfolio projects, which helped the company to address the development challenges inherited with highly scalable, highly available, and highly resilient systems.
Overall, Pronix's business solution helped the automotive company to modernize their data management and BI systems, take advantage of the latest technologies, and improve their business performance.

Technical Solutions

The service provider's technical solution for the case study involved a multi-step process to modernize the automotive company's data management and BI systems. It included analyzing and translating business requirements into functional and technical requirements and design, designing and implementing high performing queries, building and maintaining performant, fault-tolerant, scalable distributed software systems, moving data from multiple sources into a single data lake, doing analysis on the data for data warehouse and analytical purposes for BI and reporting applications and proposing to implement Machine learning / AI techniques on the data to identify patterns and make predictions.


The goal was to provide the company with a flexible, scalable, and efficient way to manage, analyze, and extract insights from their data to improve their business performance.

Technologies/Skills Used

In order to implement the data modernization for the case study, the Pronix team utilized several technologies, including Snowflake, AWS, Looker, SQL Server, GitHub, and Docker.
Snowflake was used as the data warehouse for the company. Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse that allows for the storing, querying, and analyzing of large amounts of data. It also provides a high level of scalability, which allowed the company to easily adapt to changes in the volume and complexity of their data.
AWS was used as the cloud platform to host the data warehouse and other data management systems. This allowed the company to take advantage of the scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness of the cloud, and also provided access to a wide range of services and tools that can be used to manage and analyze data.
Looker was used as the business intelligence platform for the company. Looker is a data visualization and exploration tool that allows users to easily create and share interactive dashboards, reports, and charts, which helped the company to extract valuable insights from their data.
SQL Server was used as the database management system for the company. SQL Server is a popular, enterprise-level database management system that provides a high level of scalability and performance, which helped the company to manage and query large amounts of data.
GitHub and Docker were used for version control and containerization. This helped the company to keep track of changes to their code, and also to easily deploy and run their data management and BI systems in different environments.
By using these technologies together, the Pronix team was able to design and implement a data modernization solution that was flexible, scalable, and efficient, which helped the company to modernize their data management and BI systems, take advantage of the latest technologies, and improve their business performance.

Customer Success Outcomes

The Pronox team helped the automotive company in modernizing their data management and BI systems, resulting in fast and accurate reporting, valuable business insights, competitive analysis, better data quality, increased customer satisfaction, identifying market trends, increased operational efficiency and improved, accurate decisions which ultimately led to an increase in revenue.


The team helped the company to make better use of data and technology to improve their business performance and achieve growth. You can contact the Pronox team for similar assistance to achieve similar results in their organization.

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