Digital Marketplace for Major Telecom Company

Business Problem/Scope of Work

It’s for developers to connect our network resources for building and optimizing inventive business solutions.

Business Solution

Following are the 3 major solutions we give to all our developers to build an application for enterprise solution or an IoT device for a startup.

  • Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Open Source Projects.
  • Product/Solutions proxies
  • Fruad Prevention
  • Call Verfication

Technical Solution

Built Services for the below workflows using REST standards.

  • Developer Onboarding.
  • Product Creations.
  • Product Offers [Rate plans creations].
  • Product Subscription.
  • Analytics services.

Once a developer onboard to our project, we let them to explore and review the available products and it’s associated services . Once a developer submits for the product subscription admin team will review and approve the product for the developer/consumer.

As per the product and the plan rate, developers will be monetized .

Technologies/Skills Used

Java 11 , MongoDB , MySQL , Spring boot, Kafka , kubernetes  , APIGEE Edge , Splunk dashboard , Redis cache mechanism , Gateway proxies etc