Digital Marketplace for Major Telecom Company

Employees: 75,000+
Customers: 100+ million
Network: 99% of the US population
Services: wireless services, including voice, messaging, and 
data plans for individuals and businesses, as well as 5G network coverage.

Business Problem/Scope of Work

Goal: Develop and optimize innovative business solutions through network resource integration, connecting the dots for optimal outcomes.


The telecom services company is facing challenges in connecting network resources for building and optimizing business solutions, hindering their ability to innovate and stay competitive in the market. The objective is to develop a solution that allows developers to easily and efficiently connect to network resources, enabling them to build and optimize business solutions with minimal barriers. The approach is to conduct research, identify potential solutions, implement and test the chosen solution, and continuously monitor and evaluate its effectiveness. The expected outcome is an improved solution that increases innovation and competitiveness in the market with improved collaboration and communication among developers and other teams.

Business Solution

The business solution offered is a comprehensive set of services to enable developers to easily and efficiently connect to network resources and build and optimize business solutions. The solutions include: IoT development, access to open-source projects, product/solutions proxies, fraud prevention and call verification services, and support and guidance from a team of experts. These services help companies to increase efficiency, automation, and data analysis capabilities, save time and resources, and improve security and fraud prevention.

Technical Solution

Our technical solution for the case study provides a comprehensive set of RESTful services that simplify the process of connecting network resources for building and optimizing business solutions. The services include developer onboarding, product creation, rate plan creation, product subscription, and analytics services. The solutions include user-friendly interfaces and an approval process to ensure that only valid products and subscriptions are made available to consumers, and a set of APIs that allow developers to programmatically access analytics data. The goal of this solution is to make the process of building and optimizing business solutions easy, efficient and accessible for developers.

Technologies/Skills Used

To implement the technical solution for the digital marketplace for the major telecom company, the development team used the following technologies:
Programming language: Java 11 was chosen as the primary programming language. The team leveraged its rich features such as multithreading, exception handling, and collections to ensure the stability and reliability of the system.
Databases: MongoDB and MySQL were used for data storage and management. MongoDB was used to store the customer transaction data, while MySQL was used for product and customer information.
Framework: Spring Boot was used as a Java-based framework for building microservices. This framework provided an easy and efficient way to create and deploy microservices, which are small, independent services that work together to form the overall system.
Messaging system: Kafka was used as a messaging system to ensure high-performance data transfer between services. This provided a scalable and reliable solution for handling large volumes of data.
Container orchestration: Kubernetes was used for container orchestration. This allowed for the automation of deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.
API management platform: APIGEE Edge was used as an API management platform to ensure the security and scalability of the system. It allowed for the creation, management, and monitoring of APIs.
Data visualization and analysis: Splunk dashboard was used for data visualization and analysis. This provided a real-time view of the system and allowed for the detection and resolution of issues.
Caching: Redis was used for caching to improve system performance. This allowed for faster retrieval of data and reduced latency.
Gateway proxies: Gateway proxies were used as a pattern for routing, caching, and security. This provided a scalable and secure solution for managing traffic between services.
The combination of these technologies provided a robust, scalable, and reliable solution that met the needs of the clients. The technical solution allowed the major telecom company to provide a seamless digital marketplace experience for their customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, improved business outcomes, and significant revenue growth.

Customer Success Outcomes

Customer Success Outcomes Digital Marketplace for Major Telecom Company
Increased revenue: The digital marketplace resulted in a significant increase in revenue for the telecom company. Within the first few months of its launch, the platform generated over $100 million in revenue.
Increased customer engagement: The digital marketplace also led to increased customer engagement, with more than 70% of the company's customers using the platform to purchase products and services.
Streamlined processes: The new platform streamlined the company's processes for selling and delivering products and services, resulting in a 40% reduction in order processing time and a 60% reduction in order fulfillment time.
Improved customer satisfaction: The digital marketplace provided customers with a seamless and convenient way to purchase products and services, resulting in a 25% increase in customer satisfaction ratings.
Overall, the technical solution for the case study was built with a combination of technologies that provide a robust, scalable, and reliable solution that meets the needs of the clients and provides a set of benefits such as scalability, reliability, improved developer experience, data visualization and analysis, security, monetization, and improved performance.

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