Data Management for Major Healthcare Research Company

Business Problem/ Scope of Work

Transfer the data between various data sources,
Transform the data according to the requirements,data validation, support for data analysis and reporting.

Business Solution

  1. Create data pipelines to transfer the data between various data sources
  2. Create stored procedures to transform the data, perform data validation
  3. Create tables, views for data analysis and reporting the findings
  4. Requirement gathering, documentation and production support

Technical Solution

  1. Used Spark framework to create data pipelines to move data between SQL server and big data factory platforms like Hive, spark.
  2. Created stored procedures using common table expressions, window functions and other aggregate functions to summarize the data for analysis.
  3. Created stored procedures and SSIS tasks to perform the data validation and log the errors
  4. Created new tables, views and stored procedure for performing data analysis and as a source for SSRS data reporting
  5. Closely worked with stakeholders to gather the initial requirements, feedback on the project during testing and provided production support 

Technologies/ Skills Used

SQL Server Management Studio, SQL server Integration services, Visual Studio

Customer Success Outcomes

  • Working models for automated data transfer.
  • Reduced cost, time, improved flexibility and performance of the jobs carried out by the team/ client.
  • Ease of service and business growth with faster productivity
  • Better customer services and new stakeholders interested in the model replicated for them.
  • Automated process with reduced manual labor and increased customer engagement.