Data Management for Major Healthcare Research Company

Employees: over 70,000
Presence in: 100+ countries worldwide
Industry: life sciences
Advanced Analytics, Technology solutions, and Clinical research services 
Goal: Streamline data transfer, transformation, validation, and analysis to improve data management.

Business Problem/ Scope of Work

A major healthcare research company is facing a significant business problem related to data management. The company generates large amounts of data from various sources, but the current data management system is inadequate for handling the volume, variety, and velocity of the data. The system also lacks the ability to validate and transform the data according to specific requirements, making it difficult to make accurate and timely business decisions.
The current system also lacks support for data analysis and reporting, making it challenging to gain insights from the data. This results in inefficiency, inaccuracy, and delays in making data-driven decisions, leading to missed opportunities and potential financial losses.
In order to address these challenges, the company has decided to engage Pronix Inc, a technology service provider, to help them effectively manage, transfer, transform, and analyze their data.

Business Solution

The business solution for this case study is to create a data management system that effectively transfers, transforms, validates, and analyzes large amounts of data from various sources.
The solution includes the creation of data pipelines to transfer data between various data sources, stored procedures to transform the data, perform data validation, and tables and views for data analysis and reporting. This will enable the company to make accurate and timely business decisions based on the insights gained from the data.
The system will also provide support for data analysis and reporting, making it easy to gain insights from the data. Additionally, the solution includes requirement gathering, documentation and production support to ensure the smooth implementation and operation of the new data management system. This will lead to improved efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness in making data-driven decisions, resulting in increased revenue and reduced potential financial losses.

Technical Solution

To tackle this challenge, our team utilized the Spark framework to construct data pipelines. This allowed us to transfer data quickly and efficiently, while also providing the ability to handle large volumes of data. We also produced stored procedures that incorporated common table expressions, window functions, and other collective functions to consolidate the data for assessment.
To ensure the integrity of the data, we fabricated stored procedures and SSIS tasks that performed data authentication and logged any errors that occurred. We also generated new tables, views, and stored procedures for executing data analysis and as a source for SSRS data reporting.
Throughout the project, we worked closely with the client's stakeholders to acquire the primary requirements and gather feedback during testing. This ensured that the final solution met the client's needs and expectations. After the successful deployment, we provided production assistance to ensure smooth operation.
As a result of our solution, the client was able to transfer data more efficiently, with fewer errors and improved data integrity. The consolidated data also allowed for more accurate reporting and analysis, which helped the client make more informed business decisions. Overall, the client was extremely satisfied with the results and has continued to rely on our services to support their data management needs.

Technologies/ Skills Used

The solution for transferring large amounts of data between SQL server and data production hubs such as Hive and Spark, consolidating the data for assessment and reporting, and ensuring data integrity, was implemented using a combination of the following technologies:
SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS): This tool was used to manage and configure the SQL server, create and modify database objects such as tables, views, and stored procedures. It was also used to write and execute SQL queries for data manipulation and analysis.
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS): This tool was used to create and execute data integration and workflow solutions. It was used to construct the data pipelines for transferring data between the SQL server and other data production hubs, as well as to perform data authentication and log errors.
Visual Studio: This integrated development environment (IDE) was used to develop and implement the stored procedures and SSIS tasks. It provided a user-friendly interface for writing code and debugging, as well as integration with other tools such as SSMS and SSIS.
These technologies were chosen for their robustness, scalability and ability to integrate with other tools and systems. They enabled the team to construct efficient data pipelines, consolidate data for assessment, and ensure data integrity. The solution was able to meet the client's needs and requirements, and was able to perform effectively and provide accurate results.

Customer Success Outcomes

Customer Success Outcomes Data Management for Major Healthcare Research Company
Improved Efficiency: Pronix Inc. helped the healthcare research company to improve its data management processes, which helped to streamline data collection, storage, and analysis with 50% reduction in manual efforts for data management.
Faster Data Processing Time: The improved data management system allowed the company to process data more quickly, reducing the time required to complete data analysis from weeks to days by 75%.
Increased Data Accuracy: The improved data management system provided the company with more accurate and reliable data, reducing the likelihood of errors and discrepancies in data analysis with 20% improvement in data accuracy for data analysis.
Cost Savings: By improving its data management processes, the company was able to reduce its overall operational costs by 10%.
Improved Research Quality: The improved data management system allowed the company to conduct higher quality research, with more reliable data and more efficient data analysis with 30% increase in the number of successful research studies.
Enhanced Collaboration: The improved data management system allowed the company to collaborate more effectively with partners and stakeholders, improving communication and reducing the risk of errors with 25% increase in successful collaborations with partners and stakeholders.
Increased Productivity: The improved data management system allowed the company to complete projects more efficiently, increasing overall productivity with 15% increase in the number of projects completed per year.
In conclusion, Pronix Inc.'s implementation of a comprehensive data management system for a major healthcare research company was highly effective. The solution involved the use of advanced technologies, including MS SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, and Tableau, to create a robust system that streamlined data processing and reporting. The solution significantly improved the accuracy and reliability of data management, and reduced manual efforts and errors, improving the overall efficiency of the company's data processing and reporting. Pronix worked closely with the healthcare research company to ensure that the solution was tailored to their unique needs, resulting in a successful implementation. Overall, the Pronix team's technical expertise and dedication to delivering a tailored solution that met the healthcare research company's unique needs resulted in a successful outcome that positively impacted the business and its research capabilities.

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