TX SWAN Implementation for Major Gaming Company

Business Problem/ Scope of Work

The orders for new scratch tickets are processed in the lottery IPS warehouse. The operator needs to scan each pack of tickets, so the system can add it to the order details. This is time consuming operation, in some cases single order can contain 300 packs.The process of completing orders is supported by PickNPack backend application with web-based frontend built on the Swing framework

Business Solution

With SWAN scanner the operator can process up to 16 packs of tickets in single session (below 1 second). This would significantly reduce time required to complete the order.

Technical Solution

Integrate SWAN via PickNPack Application:

With this option order processing is done via PickNPack application. A websocket connection is built between SWAN and PickNPack input screen. SWAN will expose websocket endpoint for this purpose and additional small javascript code would need to be injected into PickNPack page to handle this additional input channel.

          With this approach PickNPack receives all scanned pack numbers in single update from SWAN. The PickNPack backend service would need to read all serials and update IPS inventory service via single RPC call. The “invent_serial_tracking_upd” RPC used for that purpose can support up to 10 packs in one call, which should be updated to support full SWAN capacity (at least 16 packs, preferably 20). In current PickNPack implementation each number is executed separately, each time the pack is scanned, so this would need to be changed to support bulk scans.

Technologies/ Skills Used

JIRA, X-Ray, D2J Integrator, Clarity, Wiki

Customer Success Outcomes

Exponential reduction of manual labour work in the warehouse there by providing improved operations with greater productivity of internal staff.