SAP Blackline Integration for Medical Care Company

Business Problem/ Scope of Work

Client wants to improve the financial side of the business to adopt modern accounting and leverage the latest technological improvements that smoothens the business process and also integrates with their current ERP system.

Business Solution

Client decided to use blackline product to control the entire financial transactions and payment processing still takes place in their ERP system (SAP). For the smooth functioning of financial department there has to be seamless integration between SAP and blackline.

Technical Solution

All the financial posting like journal entries and its attachments created in blackline can be created/posted in SAP via the middleware. Blackline add on components needs to be installed in SAP that generates framework and enables to configure the blackline api end points in SAP via middleware api. There is no point to point communication and SAP CPI is middleware used.

Technologies/Skills Used


Customer Success Outcomes

The integration was successfully deployed, it reduces the lot of human effort and their mistakes that give ample amount of opportunities to grow themselves by moving cloud based solutions as part of business modernization and better accounting process.