Network Automation Reporting for Major Telecom Company

Automating Quality Control: A Case Study of the Network Quality Engineering Team's Platform for Testing and Reporting Telecommunication Services

Business Problem/Scope of Work

The Major Telecom Company's Network Quality Engineering team was facing a significant challenge in maintaining an efficient and effective platform to automate the testing of multiple telecommunications services. The testing process was complex, requiring the construction of intricate data extracting, transformation and loading(ETL) packages and the use of multiple data feeds. The team needed to evaluate the extracted information for discrepancies, make necessary modifications, and merge it into a structure suitable for reporting. Additionally, the team was struggling to respond to the demands of multiple subject matter experts as the services and tests touched on various aspects of the telecommunications industry.
To address this challenge, Pronix IT Solutions team was engaged to provide a solution that will streamline the testing process, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform, and help the team to better respond to the demands of the subject matter experts.


Business Solution

The solution for the Network Quality Engineering team is to assist with the development of key performance indicators and the analysis of data related to test automation.
Pronix team worked closely with the team to establish a system for monitoring and evaluating performance and will use the Lab Test Automation Suite as the main source of information. We are responsible for data cleaning, analysis, connecting other KPIs, and providing insights to optimize the performance of the test automation platform and support the growth and success of the business.

Technical Solution

The technical solution for this case study is to design and deploy a database using SQL Server and T-SQL, creating tables and using normalization techniques. The team will also design maintenance plans and establish stored procedures using T-SQL to make data manipulation more effective and easy.
Additionally, The team will integrate custom visualizations, dashboards, and KPIs based on business requirements through Power BI. To load data, the team will create SSIS packages to load data from XML, Excel and CSV files, and automate the data loading process to ensure data accuracy and timeliness.

Technologies/Skills Used

The solution for this case study utilizes various technologies such as Power BI, Windows Server, MS SQL Server 2016/2014/2012, SSRS, SSIS, Grafana, MS Visual Studio 2017 and Tableau 8. Power BI will be used to create custom visualizations, dashboards, and KPIs.
Windows Server will be used as the operating system, MS SQL Server will be used as the database management system. SSRS and SSIS will be used to create reports and automate data loading, respectively.
Grafana will be used for monitoring and alerting, MS Visual Studio 2017 will be used to develop and manage the codebase and Tableau 8 will be used to create interactive dashboards to gain insights into the performance of the test automation platform.
These technologies will be used to support the test automation process and ensure data accuracy, reliability and timeliness.

Customer Success Outcomes

Improved quality of service for customers as a result of the automated testing of core networks and devices, leading to a more reliable and dependable service.
Ability to identify and address issues that impact service quality through the reports generated by automated testing, resulting in a more efficient and effective problem resolution.
Timely and reliable release of new features, thanks to the automated testing process.
Valuable insights to leadership, allowing them to better understand the performance and reliability of the service, and make data-driven decisions that improve the overall customer experience.
Overall, the automation of testing will result in a more dependable and accessible service that meets the needs of customers and supports the long-term growth and success of the business.
These outcomes were a result of the successful implementation of the solution by Pronix IT Solutions team. The case study serves as a testament to the team's expertise and ability to deliver effective solutions that drive success for their clients.
Want to achieve similar results for your business? Contact Pronix IT Solutions team today to learn how our solutions can help streamline your operations and drive success.


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